Automatisation of exsisting drying installation
Optimize drying installations to dry seeds economically with the ADC drying processor of Agratechniek. Automatically drying is the basic principle of every control unit which Agratechniek installed.
More information: Optimize drying installations for seed

Box drying installation

Box drying installation
In this system the boxes are stacked in rows in front of the air-distribution system. The openings in the air-distribution system are aligned with the pallet openings at the bottom of the boxes. Air from the air-distribution system is blown through the boxes containing the product.
More information: Box drying installation for seed

Individual box drying

Individual box drying installation
With this box dryer every box containing seed is dried individually. Using this method the boxes can be placed in and removed from the dryer one by one. The drying of the seed can therefore start the moment the box is filled. The desired drying can be programmed for each individual box.
More information: Individual box drying installation for seed

Draw dryer

Draw dryer
This dryer or ventilator can be used to dry or ventilate small amounts of vegetable seed. The dryer consist of a few drawers in which trays containing seed can be placed. An ventilator sucks heated or stipulated air and divides it among the trays. By this way the small amounts of seed get dried perfectly.
More information: Draw dryers for seed

Tray dryer

Tray dryer
This dryer or ventilator can be used for drying or ventilating small amounts of vegetable seed. The seed dryer consist of a standing cabinet in which drying trays with seed can be placed. A ventilator sucks heated and conditioned air and spread this over the trays with seed. By this way the seed is dried in small amounts optimally.
More information: Tray dryers for seed

Fluid drying in boxes
This drying installation for the fluid drying of batches seed and pellets in special drying boxes, consists of a dryer section and an air dryer by absorption. As an option an air-mix units to extract (dry) air from outdoor. The boxes will be placed in to the dryer section. Dry air will be pushed through every individual box to make the product fluid and to dry it homogeneous.
More information: Fluid drying for seeds and pellets

Cabinet rotation dryer
With the rotationdryers the wet seed is caught in special canisters. The canisters are placed in the cabinetdryer. The cabinetdryer is fitted with a tray with rollers where 3x 2 canisters can be placed. A ventilator sucks air from above and creates pressure below. Because of the pressure from below, air gets sucked through the gap and through the canisters with seed.
More information: Cabinet rotation dryer for seed

Cabinet dryer with trays
With the cabinetdryer you can dry small to average amounts of seed (film coated, pelleted etc.) fast and controlled. A processor provides an optimal drying process. While the heated or dried air takes care of the transport of moisture. The seed can be dried statically or in a fluïd bed.
More information: Cabinet dryer with trays for seed

Silo drying for packaging seed
Drying online just before packaging with drying silo and vacuum transport. Dry seeds from storage will be loaded (by a separate vacuum system) into a mobile container or silo. The container as well as the silo are closed, so minimum moist will be absorbed.
More information: Silo drying for packaging seed

Drying with dehydrated air
The centre of a dehumidifier is the rotor or absorption wheel. This part consist out of a chemical bound silica gel that can absorb moisture out of the air that pass the rotor but can also release moisture during the regeneration process.
More information: Dehydrated air by absorption for seed

Moist control for seed drying installations
Drying seeds more economically to the desired moist content with your existing drying installation. If the average airtemperature increase the absolute moisture content will also increase. Drying seeds to the equilibrium will not succeed when humid air is extracted. Dry air is needed to remove the last percentage of moist out of the seeds.
More information: Moist control for seed drying